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"H2H Indoor Air Solutions is a 5 star company!! Not only they are professional educative, probelm solvers, they are timely as well.They went above & beyond and taught the  3rd party contractor how to restore our facility to a clean air environment. I am most impressed, and recommend them highly!   J. Ryan

"Extremely satisfied with this service. The licensed mold assessor is very knowledge and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend!   - N. Kim    

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"H2H is very professional. The certified assessor that came out to the house was very qualiifed and educated in air quality. They were able to find the unknown issue and resolve the problem" -Cathy K.

"H2H did a very thorough and professional job with the testing, recommedations and follow services. They are a comapny with integrity and level of excellence to help solve mold and other air qulaity problems that can have debilitating health consequences. We were very happy with their services."   -C. Lavender

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 "Its not often you find someone truely passionate about what they do. The owner of H2H is one of those people. He understands what service means and is professional in his approach while listening to what is needed. I would recommed his services to my closet friends"   K. Hamilton

"I had the pleasute of using this their service for not only me but my parents as well. I recieved honest,trustworthy inspecitons with wonderfull customer service. I would not hesitate using this company should the need arise"  T. Timlin