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Why choose H2H Indoor Air Solutions?

One of the key elements in Indoor Air Investigations and Solutions is the understanding of “the science of the building envelope”. Owner and President of H2H Indoor Air Solutions is a Board Certified Master Inspector who has inspected thousands of Residential and Commercial facilities. In addition to residential homes we have inspected retail stores, restaurants, office parks, B&B hotels, medical facilities, pre-schools, court houses and a Sheriff’s office.


Part of the building envelope is the HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) system. H2H has a CVI certification from NADCA (National air duct cleaning association) we are one of a very select few in Central Florida and the only true independent inspector that does not provide a cleaning or mechanical service. We are versed on the latest ACR 2013 standards for assessment-cleaning and restoration of HVAC systems. In addition we are trained to identify stucco issues and how they can cause moisture intrusion.


H2H has been certified by FLIR the world leader in thermal imaging. As a certified Thermographer we have been trained and have had many hours of field experience. Thermography is a unique technology that allows us to evaluate excessive moisture issues, electrical overheating and air leakage.


We are proud to announce our newest certification as a Board Certified Environmentalist Consultant or CIEC. To obtain this certification you need eight (8) years of education and field experience in the field of indoor air contaminants, HVAC systems, principles of IAQ remediation and overall air quality.


In addition we are Certified Allergen Specialists


We are qualified for water, lead, asbestos testing.