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Do I have to see mold to have a mold problem?

The answer is no. The bible for Mold Remediation is the IIRCR S520 manual. Mold conditions in a building are rated into three (3) conditions.

Condition 1:       This is described as an indoor environment that has a normal fungal ecology (all facilities have some mold)

Condition 2:      This is an indoor environment which is contaminated with settled spores. Generally these spores cannot be seen so they can only be detected with testing.

Condition 3:      This is indoor facility that is contaminated with the presence of actual mold growth and associated spores. Actual growth includes growth that is active or dormant,  visible or hidden.

Unfortunately the general public is mostly only aware of Condition 3.

Condition 2 may have the same health concerns as Condition 3 depending on the inhabitant’s immune system and the type of Mold it is. Remember under the right circumstances Condition 2 spores can develop into condition 3.

When we do clearance tests for Mold Remediators we are checking for Condition 2 spores.