COVID-19 Company Statement and Safety Protocol


At H2H Indoor Air Solutions and House2Home Inspections, we value the safety of our Clients and Inspectors, Agents and others who may be onsite during an inspection. We want to assure you that during these times of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we are taking all possible precautions, and have implemented the Safety Protocol below for all our Inspectors.


Upon arriving onsite, Inspectors will:


  1. Practice social distancing at all times keeping a minimum of six feet from others and review our Safety Protocol with anyone at the location.
  2. Wear a face mask before entering the property and throughout the inspection.
  3. Sanitize hands upon entering the property and immediately put on gloves.
  4. Be cognizant during the inspection of any surfaces touched, and will sanitize those surfaces prior to leaving the property.

Upon concluding the inspection, Inspectors will remove from the property all gloves, wipes, and any other materials used during the inspection.


Please let us know if anyone who will be present for an inspection has experienced fever or respiratory symptoms, traveled out of the country, tested positive for (or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for) COVID-19 in the past two weeks, as the safety of our Clients, Inspectors and others is our first priority.


We thank you for your business and wish good health to you and those you love!


Professional, Compassionate, Discreet


Should you be...


Mold Testing & Mold Inspection in Palm Coast, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, Daytona & New Smyrna starts with identifing your mold problem and understanding the mold inspection and testing process. Once you have done that you now can chose the most qualified mold inspection company for your needs. At H2H Indoor Air Solutions we have laid this out for you in our unique four step mold process below. Mold inspection and Mold Remediation is a very confusing process and normally a very expensive one. Understand what you are getting into and who you are speaking with before you make a decision.

H2H Indoor Air Solutions is a family owned business. We are licensed and carry the highest certifications in the mold and indoor air quality industry. We are not a big box provider that hires other companies to perform their work for them. H2H assessors are mold and mycotoxin specialists that perform investigatived mold and indoor air quality services for both residential and commercial customers like Searay, Orange Park Medical, City of Bunnel, National Army Depo, etc.

We also are not a mold remediator so there is no conflict of interest between what to do, how to do it and the final evaluation called clearance. Read below to understand more about mold inspections and testing in Palm Coast, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ormond Beach, Daytona and New Smyrna.

Educate yourself by using the Four Step Process below. Click on Number (1) first on how to identify if you have a problem, Number (2) if you have health concerns, Number (3) to help you navigate the process and finally Number (4) to choose the right company or companies to help you through the process. 



                                          H2H Indoor Air Solutions Four Step Process 


1. Do I have a problem?


2.  Health Symptons 

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 3. Understand the process

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 4. Choose right company