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How Can H2H Assurance Services Help?


  • Water Infiltration - We will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the water infiltration and issue a detailed report of our findings. This information can be used to assign responsibility. We can also document if the water infiltration event was a short-term, one-time exposure that was dried quickly and we will prove that mold colonization did not occur as a result of the water infiltration event.
  • Indoor Air Quality - We will survey the residence for water infiltration, mold growth, allergens, and indoor air quality parameters. The information obtained can be used to assign responsibility.
  • Mold Growth - We conduct a mold assessment and develop a remediation protocol. This report will provide scientific data to justify the remediation and then provide detailed instructions on the proper remediation of the mold-contaminated building materials. It has been proven, many times over, that an accurate mold remediation protocol can save money by eliminating the guesswork that occurs in a mold remediation project. (Florida Licensed Mold Assessor MRSA420)
  • Mold Remediation Protocol - If sampling is not necessary because of obvious visual mold colonization, we can provide a reduced cost basic mold remediation protocol. This will keep you in compliance with the Florida Mold Law and will give your customers piece of mind that the removal and cleanup is necessary and justified -- that's the most important part!
  • Example of Protocol Report
  • Post Remediation Inspections (Clearance Testing) After the mold remediation, it is important to have a post-remediation inspection (PRI). H2H will conduct a visual inspection of the work area to verify that all mold amplification has been removed, no mold-like odors are present, and all building materials are dry. Finally, air or surface sampling is conducted to verify that mold spore levels are within normal parameters. Our PRI report details the location of the remediation, description of the building materials removed, provides criteria for “normal parameters” and gives authorization for reconstruction to begin. Issuing a clearance report to your client gives them written documentation from a third party that all mold amplification has been removed. The PRI report is crucial during resale when it’s attached to the mold and water damage disclosure statement.
  • Turnaround for sample results called into you, 24 hours. (As long as we can ship samples next day air the day of the sampling)