COVID-19 Company Statement and Safety Protocol


At H2H Indoor Air Solutions and House2Home Inspections, we value the safety of our Clients and Inspectors, Agents and others who may be onsite during an inspection. We want to assure you that during these times of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we are taking all possible precautions, and have implemented the Safety Protocol below for all our Inspectors.


Upon arriving onsite, Inspectors will:


  1. Practice social distancing at all times keeping a minimum of six feet from others and review our Safety Protocol with anyone at the location.
  2. Wear a face mask before entering the property and throughout the inspection.
  3. Sanitize hands upon entering the property and immediately put on gloves.
  4. Be cognizant during the inspection of any surfaces touched, and will sanitize those surfaces prior to leaving the property.

Upon concluding the inspection, Inspectors will remove from the property all gloves, wipes, and any other materials used during the inspection.


Please let us know if anyone who will be present for an inspection has experienced fever or respiratory symptoms, traveled out of the country, tested positive for (or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for) COVID-19 in the past two weeks, as the safety of our Clients, Inspectors and others is our first priority.


We thank you for your business and wish good health to you and those you love!


Professional, Compassionate, Discreet


About Us

H2H Indoor Air Solutions provides the highest level of professional-licensed, certified & insured mold assessments in Palm Coast, St Augustine, Daytona and surrounding areas. Our inspectors are licensed, certified & insured.



Florida now requires a license for Home Inspection and Mold. This law was put in effect  in early 2011. Up till then there was no regulation for either profession, so anyone could conduct Home Inspections and do Mold Assessments. Even the contractors who were fixing the problem did the inspections. This obvious led to poor quality Inspections and questionable Mold remediation work.

H2H Indoor Air Solutions has Florida license in both categories, however we received our initial license in Illinois in 2005. We have gone through the rigorous requirements of one of the hardest states to get a license.

Our license numbers are: Home Inspection: HI-213; Mold: MRSA420.

Proper Mold assessments are difficult as they take a combination of a knowledge of what mold is and a full understanding of the home and indoor air quality in the home.

We have done thousands of inspections and have been educated by many of the top mold certification centers in the industry. We believe education is the key to staying ahead of the mold problem and it allows us to to accurately analyze the situation.

We are a member in good standing with IEAQ, the leading mold association in Florida, IAQA, the leading indoor air quality association not only in the US between in the world and Internachi a leader in indoor air quality education. In additon we have been trained by ITA and ESA, environmental solutions. We have worked with the leading remediators in the busineess to understand their part of the equation so we can provide the best protocols for their guidance.

H2H Indoor Air Soutions has the all of tools and equipment needed to find out what is causing the problem and how to stop and remediated the problem so it does not come back.  

We are certified in the use of Thermograhic equipment (Infra REd), Indoor Air Quality, Mositure Intrusion and Allergy identification.

We also only turn to accredited Labs to process our samples.  WE CAN PROCESS NEXT DAY RESULTS for no extra charge!