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Home Buyers/Sellers/Owners

If you are looking to buy or sell your home you must disclose if your home has or had a mold problem. The links below will give you access to those disclosures.

If you are homeowner and think you have a mold problem then you should first consult your insurance company to see if you have mold coverage. Most mold coverages are for $10,000 and cover items that have been affected by mold. It is important to remember if the mold was caused by a lack of maintenance and not a event chances are the insurance company will deny your claim. Typical events that cause mold problems are leaking roofs, plumbing problems or HVAC issues.

If the event that caused the problem is not resolved and you have immediate issues with your house or condo you need to contact a water remediation specialist immediately to stop the problem.

If the problem has been contained and you notice what you think is mold call a Mold assessor to assess the level of damage.

If you are not sure what is causing the problem please review our forensic section of this web site. It is our job to figure out the cause and  how bad the problem is.

See Mold Assessment Report


Unfortunately there is no law currently in the State of Florida that protects renters. The state of Washington has recently put in place such a law to protect renters for mold issues but not Florida.